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Perfect Lemonade

I love lemonade and there isn’t anything more refreshing in summer. Non-alcoholic, that is. So I was obviously very happy to hear that Felicity Cloake has done her experiments to determine how to make the perfect lemonade. The whole article you can read here, along with the rest of the recipes she tried, but here … Continue reading

Sparkly Christmas Cocktail – Part II of the Gourmet Christmas Recipe Series

Sparkly Christmas Cocktail Being still on the topics of drinks, I want to share with you this elegant cocktail, that is both very easy to make and will impress your guests immensely. It has been tested and I guarantee it will live up to anyone’s high gourmet standards. Prepare the mixture and decorations in the morning, then add the … Continue reading

Chestnut Liqueur with White Truffle: Part I of the Festive Gourmet Menu Series

The festive season is approaching and I’ve been thinking what mighty concoctions and gourmet experiments I would like to offer to my guests this festive season. I’ve been doing some research in various printed and online versions and I will share some of the brightest ideas with you in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully … Continue reading

Riesling Strawberry Slushy

  I came across this wonderful blog today called With Style and Grace (Inspiration for a Stylish Life) and it turns out they have a big selection of exciting food and drinks recipes. Here is one that immediately grabbed my attention: Riesling Strawberry Slushy Ingredients 2 cups hulled strawberries 1 bottle [750ml] dry Riesling 1 … Continue reading

Cola Syrup

I LOVE homemade syrups. It reminds me of summer, it reminds me of home, it reminds me of my childhood in communist Bulgaria, when one had to be creative and inventive in order to try something new or try something at all – shops were either empty or sold only one type of suspiciously yellow … Continue reading

The Whistling Shop on Worship Street – What a Sensory Delight!

I’ve been planning to write about my experience at the Whistling Shop on Worship Street in Shoreditch for a couple of days now. It’s high time I do it now so I spread the word about this wonderful place. In order for a place to be appealing to me, it needs to offer not just … Continue reading

Bermondsey Street Festival, Sept 24th

Saturday, September 24th is the day of the 5th year of the Bermondsey Street Festival. Expect the usual favourites such as the dog show, fashion show, children’s activities and yes, Maypole dancing. Along with all the high quality food stalls and the best designer-makers in the area. Bermondsey Square again features music and DJ’s during the … Continue reading

The Whistling Shop on Worship Street

Read about the latest It bar on the London’s drinking scene – the Whistling Shop on Worship Street – in tomorrow’s article. 🙂

Tangerine and Carrot Juice

  Gourmet pursuits do not need to be complicated, lengthy and expensive endeavours. Often you will find that  a combination of simple things can turn out to be quite exciting! And when I say simple, I do not mean bland and boring! Here is why a simple combination of tangerine and carrot juice is a … Continue reading

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