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Goat’s Cheese Panna Cotta with Beetroot

Yes, that is right – beetroot! This recipe is an instant winner! The creamy indulgence that is the panna cotta perfectly blends with the sweet tanginess of the beetroot sauce; a slice of crispy beet adds texture and another dimension to this beautiful desert. Added bonus is the fact that it couldn’t be easier making … Continue reading

Festive Gourmet Feast Special: Langoustines with Garlic, Thyme and Lemon Mayonnaise

Serves 4 Any leftover mayonnaise will keep for a couple of days, just cover and chill. Prep: 15 mins; Total time: 1 hr Get Ahead: Make up to the end of step 4 the day before and chill it. Ingredients: 2  garlic bulbs, halved horizontally a few thyme leaves 250 ml rapeseed oil, plus 2 … Continue reading

Gordon Ramsey’s Pan-fried Duck Breast with Spiced Orange and Cranberry Sause

Gordon recommends that you buy either Gressingham or Barnaby duck breasts – both breeds are prized for their superlative flavour. For convenience, the sauce can be made in advance and reheated just before serving. P.S. – The duck breast on the picture is overcooked. Don’t do that. Overcooked duck breast feels like eating a shoe. … Continue reading

Festive Gourmet Feast Special: Chocolate Hazelnut Meringues with Kumquat Compote

Serves 8 Prep: 25 mins,Total time: 2hrs plus cooling One can make both the meringues and the compote a couple of days ahead, provided the meringues are stored in an airtight container. Ingredients: For the meringues: 4 large egg whites 300 g icing sugar, sifted 1 tbsp lemon juice 1 tbsp cocoa powder 50 g … Continue reading

Thanksgiving Dessert: Pumpkin Cheesecake With Pecan Crust and Whiskey-Caramel Topping Recipe

An American recipe, with lots of subtle tastes and fine layers. Just the way I like it. It’s a special treat for special occasions. Prepare in advance and be ready to labour! Original article on the Guardian website, taken from David Lebovitz book, Ready for Desert – My Best Recipes – http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/nov/22/thanksgiving-dessert-pumpkin-cheesecake-pecan?INTCMP=SRCH    Makes one 23cm … Continue reading

Sparkly Christmas Cocktail – Part II of the Gourmet Christmas Recipe Series

Sparkly Christmas Cocktail Being still on the topics of drinks, I want to share with you this elegant cocktail, that is both very easy to make and will impress your guests immensely. It has been tested and I guarantee it will live up to anyone’s high gourmet standards. Prepare the mixture and decorations in the morning, then add the … Continue reading

Chestnut Liqueur with White Truffle: Part I of the Festive Gourmet Menu Series

The festive season is approaching and I’ve been thinking what mighty concoctions and gourmet experiments I would like to offer to my guests this festive season. I’ve been doing some research in various printed and online versions and I will share some of the brightest ideas with you in the next couple of weeks. Hopefully … Continue reading

Riesling Strawberry Slushy

  I came across this wonderful blog today called With Style and Grace (Inspiration for a Stylish Life) and it turns out they have a big selection of exciting food and drinks recipes. Here is one that immediately grabbed my attention: Riesling Strawberry Slushy Ingredients 2 cups hulled strawberries 1 bottle [750ml] dry Riesling 1 … Continue reading

Summer Fruit Pudding with Welsh Honey & Lavender Cream

This is a traditional English recipe with a little tasty twist to it. I think the sweetness of the cream is essential to this recipe as it counteracts the zestiness of the fruit. And the hints of lavender make it truly special. Enjoy! Recipe by James Sommerin 1-2 hours preparation time 30 mins to 1 … Continue reading

Cola Syrup

I LOVE homemade syrups. It reminds me of summer, it reminds me of home, it reminds me of my childhood in communist Bulgaria, when one had to be creative and inventive in order to try something new or try something at all – shops were either empty or sold only one type of suspiciously yellow … Continue reading

Yotam Ottolenghi’s Roasted Sweet Potatoes with Figs (V)

Roasted sweet potatoes and fresh figs (V) Look what a jewell of a recipe I came across today on the Guardian website: http://www.guardian.co.uk/lifeandstyle/2011/sep/16/sweet-potato-figs-tuna-fishcake-recipes One more prove that culinary gourmet pursuits do not need to be a complicated endeavour! Smart, simple and fresh is the way! Yotam Ottolenghi writes a weekly column The New Vegetarian in … Continue reading

Wasabi and Avocado Mousse

I am a big fan of Japanese cuisine. I find it simple, yet distilled to perfection; not to mention visually appealing. On top of this, it is a very healthy option. In short, pure zen in manifestation. One of my favourite foods to come from Japan is the wasabi. I know it is not everyone’s cup of … Continue reading

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